Dress Code Policy

The rationale for our uniform policy is that God looks on the heart. Man looks on the outward appearance. Our uniform policy is a testimony to the One who looks on the outward appearance (Matthew 7:20).


Navy or khaki school uniform, solid colors. A belt suggested for grades 1-4. A belt is required for grades 5-8. No cargo, carpenter, corduroy, or denim styles. Pants must fit appropriately at waist.


Navy or khaki school uniform. Solid colors with belt (same as above) no more than 3" above the knee. Shorts must fit appropriately at waist.

Skirts, Skorts and Jumpers

Burgundy, navy or khaki school uniform. No more than 3" above the knee. Specific plaids are also permitted.


Burgundy, navy or white school uniform. Solid-color polo or oxford with collar. Turtlenecks are acceptable. All shirts must be tucked in, with no midriff showing. Please “spot-check” length of shirts by raising arms. Girls shirts are to be collared with appropriate necklines; no V-necks. All buttons, with the exception of the top button, must be buttoned. All shirts must fit appropriately, not tight fitting or too loose.

Sweaters and Fleece

Navy, white, or burgundy solid-color cardigan, sweater, or school uniform. Fleece crew collared sweatshirts are also acceptable worn over a collared shirt. None of the clothing should have writing or brand name labels or logos visible. Outerwear will not be allowed in the classroom. Hooded sweatshirts are not acceptable.


No open toes, flip-flops or excessively high platform shoes. Sneakers must be worn on gym days.

Dress-Down Days

Dress-Down Days will be determined by the academy's administration. The cost of Dress-Down Day is $1.00, non-perishable food item, or clothing depending on the season. Students will be notified of the ministry being supported. Certain restrictions still apply during Dress-Down Day. Specifically, clothing should be modest, neat and without worldly or inappropriately suggestive written messages. Christian messages are acceptable.

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