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Alumni Testimonials

I attended MHCA from 1st-5th grade, and then again for 7th-8th. My parents transferred me to a larger school to help me get prepared for a larger high school, but after one year it was quite obvious that I was not being challenged enough, and I was transferred back to MHCA the next year.

MHCA not only provided me with a lifelong family, they have helped prepare me for both high school, college, and now my career. They are the firm foundation on which I believe my success rests.

As a student at the school I was never the smartest in the class, but moving on from MHCA and on to a private high school, it was clear that I was well ahead of most of my classmates. MHCA instilled strong study habits, note taking skills, research tools, as well as the social skills that helped me get through high school and into college.

From there I studied accounting, and finished my degree in only two and a half years. I overloaded my schedule and was able to maintain my high academic standing because of how well I was able to organize my school schedule and keep on top of my homework while working part time in the accounting office at school.

Although some might argue that high school was what prepared me for college, I can say it was definitely MHCA. I was one of the few students in my high school class that used their agenda effectively, regularly went after school for help, and used my teachers as the amazing resource that they are.

MHCA enabled me to get the most out of my education and graduate with a job offer in hand. I am now working as an auditor for a regional accounting firm, as well as sitting on the Board of Directors for MHCA. I am hoping to give back everything I can for this amazing school that did so much for me!

Mary Edwards

“MHCA was a place where I was challenged academically, grew in my writing ability, and was prepared for college level assignments. Even more so, I still remember how teachers invested in me personally and helped me to grow in my faith.”
Jennie (Saucier) Shultz

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