Extended Day

Extended day is an opportunity for students to stay after school in a structured, safe environment under adult supervision. This program is offered every day from 7am to 8am and again from 3pm to 5:30pm. The rates are $5 for the first ½ hour; $10 for each 31–60 minutes thereafter. Extended day is not offered in the afternoon on ½ days or mornings with a delay.

Homework Club
This is a great opportunity for students to complete their homework in a quiet environment. If help is needed, faculty is available to assist your child. Students are dismissed to Homework Club at 3pm and are dismissed from Homework Club at 3:30pm. Any student remaining after this time will be sent to Extended Day and charged accordingly. There is no charge for participating in Homework Club.
Enrichment Club

A variety of enrichment clubs may be offered each quarter. Times/duration and cost will vary.

Private Tutoring
We provide opportunities for students to be tutored. Students being tutored must pay an additional fee. All tutoring takes place after school hours. Parents can make inquiries through the school office or through the teacher.
Music Lessons
We also provide information about private after school music lessons including piano, voice, violin, and other instruments.

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